Cape Town Image Consulting

Cape Town Image Consulting
Image Consulting Cape Town
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If you want a life changing experience let Classique Hair and Beauty's image consultants based in Cape Town help you change your image. Remember its other peoples perception of you that creates opportunities.

We also service Gansbaai,Pearly Beach,Kleinbaai,Franskraal,Stanford.

Ready for change...

Meet the team...

Michau Campbell

Image Consultant, Stylist, Beautician and Salon owner .Michau has extensive experience in the health and beauty field and has managed her own Four Salons including fully fledged Health and Wellness-Spa.

Do you need an image consultant? To answer this ask yourself if you've ever had these thoughts...

  • What perception do people have of me?
  • Does my outfit portray confidence and capability?
  • Are my seniors, peers and team positively affected by my image?
  • Is my image attractive and does it enhance my personal and social life?

What is Image Consulting?

Cape Town Image Consulting Client

Image consulting is a service offered that enables clients to portray confidence and ability by bringing across a positive and attractive self image through body language and attire.

Image consultants will train, educate and mentor you to a happy, meaningfule and successful life by altering your frame of mind and self image. 

Image consulting involves such disciplines as styling, fashion design, grooming, beauty, weight management, body language and etiquette.

Aspects of Image Consulting

Image consulting is not only geared towards the outward appearance but also looks at inner image, confidence and self worth.

Image consultants are trained in psychological, social and physical fields of the human being. 

Image Consulting Cape Town

Based in the heart of Cape Town we offer our image consulting services to all areas in Cape Town.